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My name is David Bowler.

I started at the College in September 2009, as a Nuclear Development Co-ordinator and spent the year developing links with local nuclear power stations and the National Skills Academy for Nuclear. I obtained ‘Quality Provider’ status for the College to deliver a number of nuclear-related courses.

I completed a Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Aston University, then worked in the manufacturing industry for seven years as a Commissioning Engineer for a diesel generating plant. As part of this work, I travelled extensively and obtained Membership to The Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

As a hobby I fly radio-controlled model aircraft (and used to do it at a competitive level). I go to the gym a lot, as I enjoy the exercise and the challenge. I do all my own work around house: plumbing, decorating etc. and gardening. I spend a lot of my time renovating my daughter’s house in Guildford.

My proudest moment? There are a few of these: Getting my degree, getting married, having children and succeeding in my career.

David Bowler

Curriculum Leader for Foundation Degree in Nuclear

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