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Winning the Outstanding Young Person of the Month Award was the icing on the cake for a keen young baker who raised money for charity.

Eight year old Xander Tame from Hastings attends Castledown Primary School. He has high functioning autism but doesn’t let it stand in his way and enjoys playing football, cooking and baking.

Xander made a selection of cupcakes, brownies, pizzas and biscuits and also sold ice lollies over several weeks, helping to raise more than £50 for the World Wildlife Fund. His love of animals led to him choosing to help the world’s leading independent conservation organisation.

The Outstanding Young Person of the Month Award is sponsored by Sussex Coast College Hastings and the Hastings Observer Series.

The award is presented to someone aged 18 and under who has excelled in some way. This could be in sport, their academic studies, or if they have performed an important role on a voluntary basis in their own home or the wider community.

Ashley Chapman, Marketing and Communications Executive at Sussex Coast College Hastings, said: “We’re really impressed with Xander. Not many eight year olds would be prepared to give up so much of their time at home to bake for school friends. He raised an impressive amount for the World Wildlife Fund and I understand he’s carrying on with his fundraising mission and is planning to help another charity next year.”

As part of his award, Xander will receive a complimentary meal for two and a £100 donation will be made to the charity of his choice.

To nominate someone for the Outstanding Young Person of the Month Award, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of who you are nominating and the reasons why.

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Sussex Coast College welcomed a group of Italian students to Hastings last month to study English.

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64 students from Ugo Morin High School, in Mestre, in the province of Venice, travelled to the south coast to improve their English for two weeks and work towards their CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) C1 and C2 in English.

The students, who were all about to begin their fourth year at school, stayed at the Robert Tressell halls in St Leonards and made their way to college each day for 6 hours of English lessons.

Isabel Maguolo said: “I did not expect such a beautiful college. Inside, you can relax and buy drinks from Coast Coffee and play table-tennis in the atrium. I really enjoyed how the teachers interacted with us, and although we had to study, I really enjoyed the lessons.”

It was the second time that the school and college have worked together to arrange the two-week study trip, and for many of the students, it was their first time in the UK.

Claudio Aiello really enjoyed his time in Hastings, and said that the opportunity to study here was too good to turn down.

“We heard about the study trip from other students and teachers, and we all wanted to come and experience the UK to practise our English,” said Claudio. “The college is beautiful and really modern, and nothing like I have experienced in Italy.”

During their free time the students had the opportunity to explore Hastings and arrange weekend excursions to Brighton for some shopping, Oxford to visit famous places from the Harry Potter movies, and a day trip to Canterbury for a typically English tour of the Cathedral.

On the final Friday of the study trip, the students were treated to an indoor BBQ and were presented with certificates.

Dario De Franceschi said: “I thought the college was amazing. The teachers were really kind and very good at explaining tricky parts of the English language, and I would come back again if I had the opportunity.”

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A Travel and Tourism student from Sussex Coast College Hastings will have the perfect start to 2018 when she begins her career with easyJet.

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Emily Khusul, who finished her Level 3 Travel and Tourism course just before the summer, was offered a place on the cabin crew team at the low-cost carrier, after successfully passing the assessment day.

Emily travelled to Gatwick Airport towards the end of August for a full day of physical tests, teamwork exercises, scenario based assessments and interview questions.

“Towards the end of the college year my tutors were asking what I planned to do after the course, so I told them that it was my dream to work for an airline, which is when they told me that easyJet were recruiting for their Gatwick fleet.”

“I live in Hailsham, so joining the Gatwick fleet sounded perfect to me. It was that evening that I sent off my CV and application form, and received a link to the online assessment about a week later.”

It was a busy summer for Emily as she was also part of the college’s four-week work placement trip to Seville. Emily says that her work experience in the Spanish city and her college course helped her to excel in her easyJet interview.

“I had a great time in Spain working for a city tour guide. The city is beautiful and I learned so much. Amazingly, just before the four weeks were up; my boss offered me a job to continue working throughout the summer. Although it was a great feeling to be offered a job in Spain, it was only part-time and I was hoping that there would be a possibility of being invited for an interview with easyJet when I got back to the UK. And sure enough, a day or two after I got home, I received the email inviting me to the assessment day, so I knew then, that I had made the right decision.”

The recruitment day took place at Gatwick Airport and required the candidates to arrive by 8:30am to check documents, record their height and then take part in a range of role play activities and one-to-one interviews.

“It was quite a long day. I got to Gatwick about 8am and I was there until about 5:30pm. I was a little nervous, but it was good fun and I met some really nice people, one of which was also offered a job, so I’ll be seeing her again when we start our training.

The things I learned at college and in Spain helped me so much during the interview. Some people have cabin crew experience from college courses, but I didn’t feel I was at a disadvantage, because I knew I had other skills that I could hopefully impress them with.”

Emily was offered the job a day later and will now look forward to starting her training in the New Year, before getting her wings in late January.

“My training starts in January, when I’ll need to have another medical and complete 3 weeks of emergency procedures and first aid. Once I’ve completed that, I’ll shadow crew members on my first flight and then I’ll be given my rota and then I’ll be flying for real.”

Big Ben visit 

A group of students from the School of English at Sussex Coast College Hastings travelled to London for a sightseeing trip last week, where they were able to hear the last bong of Big Ben before renovation work begins over the next four years.

(2 minute read)

Students from China, Vietnam, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain and Syria, travelled to London from Hastings on Monday 21st August to take in a number of the capital’s famous landmarks including Whitehall, Downing Street, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and a Horse Guards Parade.

The students, led by School of English manager, Otto Haas, timed their visit so that they could arrive in Parliament Square at midday to hear Big Ben's last chimes for four years.

Otto said: “The students had a fantastic day in London and it was a major bonus for them to be there as Big Ben chimed for the last time. It was quite a historic moment and to be part of a sea of thousands of people watching the event was really special.

The students have really enjoyed their summer in the UK and will head home with the lasting memory of being part of this special moment in London.”

School of English students study on courses ranging from a few weeks to several months in duration at Sussex Coast College Hastings. During their time in Hastings, the students work towards IELTS or Cambridge English exams, and trips and activities compliment their learning, ensuring that they have fun while they’re here in the UK while also learning about British history and culture.

Check out the pictures on the School of English Facebook page


As the excitement builds for the start of another college year (and we all sit here wondering how the summer went so quickly), we thought we’d give you our top 5 tips for starting college.


Plan Your Route

First up, you need to know where you’re going. Chances are you’ve already been to your new college a couple of times, but when the first day of term rolls around, you’ll be going to college for real. Getting anywhere for 9am is a completely different challenge, so you should plan your route to college.

Route finder 

If you’re planning to walk, perhaps give it a trial run (well, walk) a day or two before just to see how long it takes you. Maybe you’re planning to get the bus, then you’ll need to find out where the bus stop is, what time it arrives at your stop, how long it will take to get to college, and factor in enough time in case there is traffic. If you’re planning on getting the train, then you’ll need to check the train times and allow enough time to get to the station from your house.

Once you’ve planned your route, getting to college should be a breeze!


Buy new things


At this time of year, all the best stationery shops and online retailers have ‘Back to School’ offers, so why not treat yourself to some new classroom essentials. You’ll need pens and notepads to take notes in class and perhaps a new bag to carry it all in. But if you fancy really treating yourself, you may find a few good deals on laptops and printers at PC world as they’re currently running a £200 cashback deal.


Enjoy it

For most, college will last for two years. You may think that’s a long time, but trust us, it really isn’t. Before you know it, you’ll be collecting your final results and planning your next steps into work, an apprenticeship or university. So, one of our best tips is to enjoy every minute of it.

Enjoy it 

Throw yourself whole heartedly into meeting new people, joining groups, and participating in lessons. The people you meet at college may become life-long friends, you’ll learn lots of new things about your subjects and yourself, and it’ll give you lots of experience that you’ll be able to talk about at a job interview or in your application to university.


Stay Connected


Get social with your college. Following them on social media and downloading their app is a great way to keep up to date with events, announcements and exclusive content from across the college. If you’re joining us this September then you can download our SCCH Hub app from the App Store, Google Play and it’s available on Microsoft.


Be Organised

We know this last point might seem obvious and rather sensible, but talking from experience, it is so important to be organised. Make sure you know your timetable, memorise your room numbers (or write them down somewhere you can’t miss them), and keep up with your work.


College is a step-up from school, meaning there will be a greater work load and there will be more emphasis on treating you as an adult, letting you take responsibility for your own learning. All of this means that it’s pretty easy to fall behind. So make sure you write down assignment deadlines as soon as you get them, and try to make a start on them while the lessons are fresh in your mind. If you feel that you’re falling behind, don’t be afraid to talk to your tutor about it – that’s what they’re there for, and you’ll find that they’re super friendly.


What will your future hold?

Ok, so this isn’t a top tip, but it is quite fun. If you’re not sure what you want to do after college, then have a go at the quiz below to see what your future may hold. Simply click the picture, choose some baked goods, and your future will be revealed.


Let us know what you get!

 Emilia King web

Students at Sussex Coast College Hastings were “thrilled” and “over the moon” after collecting their A-Level results this morning.

Emilia King was delighted to find out that she gained an A*, an A, and a B to get into her first choice university to study Creative Writing.

“I’m so happy with my grades,” said Emilia. “I’m actually a little lost for words, but I am so so happy because I’ll be going to my first choice University, the University of Warwick. I’m planning to celebrate tonight and then start preparing for my move up to Warwick.”

Megan Crush will be heading to the University of Sussex next month after gaining two A*s and an A in her 3 subjects. She said: “It’s amazing and I’m so pleased. Getting an A* in Psychology has just confirmed my love for the subject and I can’t wait to study it at university in September.”

Emilia and Megan’s achievements reflected a fantastic year of A-Level results for the college as the A2 students achieved an overall pass rate of 98%, with 100% pass rates in 21 subjects.

Jim Sharpe, Vice Principal, said: “This is a fantastic set of result for our students. I’d like to congratulate them all on their hard work and commitment throughout the year.

This is the first set of results we have seen since the changes to the A-Level programme, with students now following a two year course, and we are as delighted as our students with their achievements. The College is the largest A-Level provider in the town and we are committed to a very learner centred approach, allowing students with a diverse range of backgrounds and previous academic experiences to be successful. This is something that should be celebrated.”

Matt Stevens web

Other students who were celebrating this morning included Matt Stevens who confirmed his place at the University of Hertfordshire. “I’m thrilled with my A*AB in Maths, Further Maths and Economics. I thought they were all really tricky, so I’m so pleased to have done so well.”

Ayisha El-Ayat, who chose to re-sit her A-Level exams this year, after narrowly missing out on her first choice university last year, made her hard work and dedication pay-off, as she gained the A*AA she needed to study Business Management at the University of Surrey.

Ayisha El Ayat web

While a number of students are preparing for university, others will be taking slightly different paths after their A-Levels. Some are choosing to find employment and others are choosing to start an apprenticeship.

Lucy Head and Jack Davies will be starting full-time employment this autumn. Lucy has deferred her place at university until next year, and will remain at the college to become the Student President, hoping to offset some of the student debt. Jack will look for employment in an accountancy firm and start a part-time AAT accounting course.

Alex Whitting Emilia King and Lucy Head web

Alex Whitting and Max Timms will be heading down the Apprenticeship route. Alex will be starting a year 3 Apprenticeship to become a Paramedic. He said: “I’ve really enjoyed studying A-Levels and I’m really pleased with my grades, but I’ve decided to try something different and when I found out that I could study an apprenticeship to become a paramedic, I jumped at the chance.”

Max will be joining Southern Electric to become an apprentice in Electrical Contractor. “It’s been a great two years but I’ve always been a hands-on type of learner, and the fact that I won’t have the student debt is a huge bonus.”

The Sixth Form at Sussex Coast College Hastings continues to perform at a consistently high level with figures for the past three years showing that every 1 in 3 grades achieved is an A*-B.

Courses for September are still available and enrolment will start on 24th August.

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