Amy Cobb with her Sophia Jex Blake Illustration web

First and second year illustration students have been working on a live project in partnership with Hastings Borough Council to give their newly refurbished meeting rooms some character.

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The council wanted to inject some life into their new rooms at Muriel Matters House and asked local degree students to come up with illustrations of historic personalities from Hastings.

FdA Illustration and Graphic Design students at Sussex Coast College Hastings designed a range of images of famous people from Hastings’ past, including inventor of the first working television, John Logie Baird; Civil Engineer, Thomas Brassey; computer scientist, Alan Turing; social novelist Robert Tressel, and founder of the London School of Medicine for Women, Sophia Jex-Blake.

21 students worked on design ideas, put together CVs, wrote rationales for their proposals and then produced visual thumbnails and roughs. They then presented their ideas to members of the council to approve their work.

Second year student, Amy Cobb, was given the brief to design an illustration of Sophia Jex-Blake and said that the experience was a lot of fun to work on, and also very educational.

Amy said: “It was a fantastic opportunity for us to work on a real live brief, with a real client. The whole process was very professional, and gave us a good insight into what working as an illustrator will be like.

I had a lot of fun researching and designing the image of Sophia Jex-Blake. I also learnt so much about the amazing strides she made in the field of medicine and being the founder of the London School of Medicine.”

Joanna Kerr, Illustration Subject Leader said: “It was a really attractive live project for the students to undertake as the council were clear from the outset that they would brief students and then ask them to present their work in a way that they would if they were working on this as a commercial project.

The students’ illustrations were an excellent representation of each character, and they all responded very professionally to the brief.”

Cllr Judy Rogers, said: “I was delighted to be able to attend the official unveiling of our wonderful artwork on the meeting room walls at Muriel Matters House. It really brightens up our offices, and, clearly, a lot of thought and hard work has gone into their production.

“We are very grateful to the students for what they’ve done, and the support Sussex Coast College Hastings has given to this project.”

The illustrations were printed and installed in 10 of the newly refurbished rooms by Ricochet Printers.



Diploma and Degree Show 2017

University Centre Hastings

Sussex Coast College Hastings, Station Plaza

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Some of the finest creative talents in Hastings will showcase their work during the final year degree show at Sussex Coast College Hastings’ Station Plaza campus next week.

Degree and Diploma students studying Art and Design at the college have been busy designing, preparing and curating their artwork for the four day exhibition.

Now in its 40th year, the Degree and Diploma show is a highly anticipated event in the Hastings arts calendar, and in the past, has featured work from students who have gone on to win international design awards such as D&AD, YCN, AOI, V&A and Pewter Live; and begin their careers with international companies such as Mother, Coley Porter Bell, Conran, Saatchi & Saatchi, and the Mill.

Taking place at the Station Plaza campus, the show will also give visitors an exclusive glimpse at the developing space on the fifth floor, which will be home to the new University Centre Hastings.

Ashley Hemingway the BA (Hons) Designer Maker Subject Leader believes that the degree and diploma show gives students a great platform to start their careers in the industry.

“The degree show is a celebration of the last three years, or six years for our part time students, to show off all of their hard work. They are able to put their knowledge, skills and experience that they have developed throughout the course, into action and put on a four day exhibition.”

“It has always been an exciting finale to the degree course, with everyone producing phenomenal work in something that they are passionate about, whether it is in creating stunning jewellery, producing magnificent paintings, designing and branding product packaging, capturing breathtaking imagery, animating cartoons or illustrating children’s books.”

“The show is a great springboard into the industry for many of our students. They have chosen to study with us, because, as lecturers, we’re able to offer more contact time and have more in-depth workshops and seminars with our students to encourage them to present ideas and critique their work.”

“Our courses are validated by the University of Brighton which means that students studying with us will not only get an enriching and rewarding experience, but also get a degree from the University. All of the elements of our degrees mean that students get fantastic value for money. We teach, as well as lecture, and we’re all practising artists, makers and designers.”

“We are a very attractive option for mature students too, because we are local and offer great quality. Many mature students study with us because they want a change of career, turning what may have been a hobby or interest, into something they are passionate about and able to make a living from.”

The Degree and Diploma show opens at 6pm on Friday 23rd June and runs Saturday 24th 10am-2pm, Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th 10am-5pm. It is open to all and a fantastic opportunity for friends, family and the local community to come and talk to emerging artists about their work.

There are still a few places left on the Art and Design degree courses starting in September and it isn’t too late to apply. So pop along to find out more, or get in touch on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Student Awards 2017 web

Students and staff came together at Sussex Coast College last Friday to celebrate a year of academic and personal achievement.

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The Student President and Student Union team put on a magnificent end of year awards evening to celebrate another fantastic year at the college.

Almost 200 guests attended the awards ceremony, which was held in the atrium at the Station Plaza campus. It was a great opportunity for students and staff to get together and celebrate before many of them depart for the summer and embark on new adventures in September.

The students were delighted to be joined by award sponsors, The Italian Way, More Radio, Hastings Direct, Chapel Press, Cobb PR, and the Observer; as well as a student dance group, who performed a Bollywood dance routine, and local entrepreneur, Jo Fairley, founder of Green and Blacks chocolate, who motivated students with her talk about endeavour.

Guests heard about the students’ outstanding achievements, dedication to their studies and helping their peers, as well as giving special recognition to three students for their contribution towards college life and their outstanding achievements against the odds.

Tsungai Mujera, Student President at Sussex Coast College, said: “We had a fantastic evening celebrating at the student awards with our friends and family. I know that everyone has worked so hard during the last year, and the awards evening is a great way to recognise and celebrate this.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped to make the evening a success and would like to wish everyone all the best for the future.”

 Kirsten Harman left with Jodie Cornford middle St Michaels Hospice

A local college student has raised £1,500 for St Michael’s Hospice after holding a coffee morning in Hastings.

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Kirsten Harman, who studies Level 3 Business at Sussex Coast College Hastings, held the event at Sacred Heart Primary School in Hastings on Saturday 20th May to raise money for the charity.

Kirsten organised and hosted the event in-aid of St Michael’s Hospice as part of a college course module, but also had a personal motivation to raise money for the Hospice.

Kirsten said: “We had just over a month to identify, plan and hold an event for one of our modules. However, I was already planning to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice, so thought that it would be a great opportunity to combine the two.

I really wanted to give something back to the Hospice after the care and support they gave to my Nan before she passed away, and this seemed like the perfect way.”

Kirsten took on the task by herself and managed to secure a venue, prizes and gifts for a raffle, and publicise the event, all with next to no cost.

“The generosity of everyone I spoke to was amazing. The school kindly let me have the hall for free, my friends and family helped spread the word and baked loads of fabulous cakes, and local businesses were able to donate lots of great prizes.

I sold raffle tickets to raise more money for those people who couldn’t make it along to the coffee morning. The raffle prizes were amazing; people won tours around vineyards, discounted entry to attractions, and food vouchers. The Hastings Adventure Golf also donated generously, which was just phenomenal.”

200 people came along to the coffee morning to show their support, enjoy cream teas, slices of cake, and lots of tea and coffee.

“I was gobsmacked when I counted the total at the end of the day, and couldn’t quite believe how much we had raised. I’m very grateful to everyone who donated and I’m glad to be supporting the Hospice.”

Jodie Cornford, Fundraising Manager at St Michael's Hospice said: “Kirsten has done amazingly well, especially knowing the time constraints she was faced with; one month to plan and deliver the coffee morning, whilst also studying and working.

I know it has been a difficult time for Kirsten, but I am really pleased to have been a part of her journey and witness the passion that she has for fundraising and event planning. We are all extremely proud of her achievements, both personally and in terms of her fundraising, as well as being grateful for her support and kindness.

I know that Kirsten is very appreciative of the support that her friends and family have given her, but also the generosity of strangers that either came along on the day or donated in advance, this really does show the spirit of our community.

We all wish Kirsten the very best for the future and look forward to working with her again soon.”

 top5gadgets web

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If you suffer from travel-sickness then these comfy and adjustable PSI wristbands help to relieve nausea. Using acupressure, they stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. Hopefully, you’ll be able to say goodbye to travel-sickness.

RomanaHilgers web

Each week, students from all over the world visit the college to study and explore Hastings and the South East.

(2 minute read)

We recently welcomed 15 students from the Netherlands to study and stay with us for three weeks. We caught up with Romana Hilgers to find out about her time at SCCH.

“Hi, I’m Romana, I’m 18, and I’m from the Noord-Brabant region in the south of Holland.

There are 15 of us in our group and we all study at Cingel College in Breda. We have lots of different interests, some of us study Travel and Tourism and the others study Catering.

We found out about this opportunity during our English lesson. Our college is really good at organising study trips, so when we had the opportunity to study in the UK, we couldn’t turn it down.

While I was in Hastings, I chose to study Travel and Tourism. The lessons were really interesting, and it was great to see how Travel is taught in the UK. We had lessons about world geography, popular tourism destinations, and practised cabin crew procedures in the College’s fuselage, which is a replica of a plane.

The other students studied Catering and spent some time in the College’s kitchens, learning to prepare and create desserts, they had a barista lesson where they made coffee, and they helped with front of house service in the college restaurant.

 DutchStudentsBrighton web

We also had English lessons together which were very useful because we were able to improve everything including speaking, writing, listening and grammar.

We all stayed with host families, who were all really nice and made us feel welcome. During the evenings and weekends we had lots of free time to do things that we enjoy. We explored Hastings, taking walks on the beach, visiting the arcades, and trying out some of the restaurants and bars.

During our first weekend here, we caught the train to Brighton, spent some time on the Pier and did some shopping. The second weekend, we were like proper tourists and visited London. We had a ride on the London Eye, visited Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, took some pictures at Piccadilly Circus and went to Trafalgar Square.

DutchStudentsLondonEye web 

The only downside - three weeks wasn’t enough! We’ve all absolutely loved our time in Hastings and if it was possibly for us to stay longer, then we would.

I definitely want to come back. My plan is to come back in October for a short holiday, and after I’ve finished my education in Holland I am going to apply to study Travel and Tourism at SCCH for one year.

My long term plan is to work abroad. I love the English culture so studying here will be perfect. Who knows, my future may well be in England.”

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