Binayak Datta is an Indian student, studying the International Baccalaureate at Sussex Coast College and is also an integral part of the Student Council, as International Student Officer.

Binayak takes his role very seriously and describes the main aim of the position as, ‘to make sure that the international students do not feel isolated and left out, but also to get them more involved in college activities.’ He continues to say ‘putting their views in front of college authorities is a big part of my work. Also working on any concern they feel should be brought in attention of the college.’

‘The most exciting part of this role is that I get to meet people from so many different countries and learn a lot from them. We are all from different cultures and backgrounds but we have one thing in common, which is the zeal to make it big.’

‘I aim to bring all the international students together and make them feel at home. Hearing their problems and trying to solve them is my main priority.’

Binayak enjoys studying in England. Not only is he developing academically, but he appreciates the freedom of study that is possible in the United Kingdom, and the better opportunities he will have from here.

‘SCCH offers a great environment for students to study and fulfil their ambitions. It has all the resources necessary for all students studying any course. The Library is very well equipped with books and the college provides many extra-curricular activities to keep the students active and involved.’

For his next step, Binayak plans to study Finance at the London School of Economics and to pursue a career in this area. ‘My ultimate aim is to go back to India and join Politics. I see myself in future as the Prime Minister of India.’

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