Serena Danti moved from Rome, Italy to Hastings in 2007, after returning on multiple occasions following a visit with EF in the summer of 1996 as a language student.

In 2007, Serena enrolled on a Level 2 programme studying Travel and Tourism as a mature student and enjoyed the different learning experience in England.

Serena is now volunteering for EF, taking students on trips to sight see in London, to visit Brighton and enjoy the whole of England.

Serena has students from Europe, who are keen to see the UK, but she believes it is more important for students outside of Europe, from places such as Korea, Taiwan and Thailand to experience the UK during their stay.

Serena commented ‘It’s wonderful to see the development of students through their time spent at Sussex Coast College Hastings academically, but also their personal development by spending time with host families, and learning from their peers.’


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