Amanda Gomes is studying English at Sussex Coast College Hastings, learning the language for the first time in 8 years.

From Sao Paulo, Brazil, 22 year old Amanda is enjoying England, visiting as much of the country as possible during her 6 month stay.

Having been in the UK for 6 weeks, she has already been on trips to Edinburgh, Sterling, the Scottish Highlands, Glasgow, Rye, Brighton, Canterbury and plans to visit London this weekend.

Amanda is a qualified nurse and worked at a training hospital for a year before leaving for England. She is staying with a host family, living with a single lady and enjoying frequent visits from her host’s adult children. This interaction allows her to develop her spoken English further.

Amanda said, ‘The hardest part of learning English is understanding the grammar. We spend 15 hours a week in the classroom to learn this, and the rest of the time is spent on trips and socialising to practice speaking English.’  

She has got a job translating Portuguese for a British man who has family in Brazil. She hopes to get a more permanent job to stay in the UK for longer – enjoying fish and chips on the beach, washed down with a cup of tea!

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