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Health and Social Care students at Sussex Coast College Hastings had a memorable start to their first term at college when they spent a week away on the Isle of Wight.

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50 first year Level 2 and Level 3 students were invited to join a National Citizenship Service project to encourage them to care more about the community in which they live. The project would take them out of their comfort zone, teach them new skills and require them to complete a social action project to make a difference.

The group stayed at the Kings Wood campsite in Bembridge, making themselves at home in wooden lodges. Throughout the week they took part in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, and assault courses, and even became familiar with bush craft techniques.

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Once the group had returned to Hastings they began to work on their social action projects. The Level 2 students were then split into groups of 11, creating two teams in the class. Both teams had 8 weeks to plan and deliver a project that would benefit or improve something in the town.

The groups held meetings to generate a range of social issues they felt passionate about, and from there they narrowed down the ideas until they were left with a realistic and achievable goal. One group made winter survival kits for the homeless and the other put together food hampers to donate to a local charity.

The students held a number of fundraising activities to raise money to help them buy the food, hats, scarves, gloves and sleeping bags they would need to fill their boxes.

From bake sales, jumble sales, and the generosity of staff and fellow students, the groups were able to collect between £70 and £90 to spend on items for their donations.

The survival kits were donated to the Snowflake Shelter, and the food hampers were donated to Surviving Christmas before the Christmas break.

Morgan Ives said: “We were all very passionate about doing something that would help somebody during winter. Knowing that we were helping somebody else gave us a great team spirit and everybody pitched in when we were delegating the tasks.

We managed to raise enough money to put together 10 survival kits, and I hope that they were useful to those who needed them.”

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