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Summer is fast approaching, college is almost over for another year, so what will keep you busy for the next couple of months?

Well, we’ve found 5 of the top gadgets you can use while you’re firing up the BBQ down the beach, or heading to a festival.

1, Solar Powered Portable Charger // from £16.99 // where can I get it? ->

This is a must-have gadget if you’re heading to a festival this summer. The portable charger has been revolutionary to many people, but it has to be the worst thing ever when you forget to charge it up. So why not let the sun do it for you. This solar powered charger will keep your phone charged all summer long – providing the sun stays out!

2, Waterproof Headphones // from £18.99 // where can I get them? ->

With more and more phones becoming waterproof it is about time that there were headphones to use with the phones, and now there are. These Bluetooth headphones will be perfect for spending the day by the pool or down the beach listening to your Spotify playlist, without worrying about them getting wet. You can expect to get about 7 hours out of them on a single charge, but they’re more splash proof rather than deep sea diving.

3, Waterproof Speakers // from £30 // where can I get them? ->

Hosting a pool party this summer? Then you’ll need these waterproof speakers. Dot a couple of these around the side of the pool and you’ll be a big hit with your mates. Compatible with most devices, the speaker has a 10m Bluetooth range and can be full immersed in up to 3ft of water, while still producing a big sound. Failing that, you could always use it the bath or shower.

4, Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer // from £25 // where can I get it? ->

The combination of blazing sunshine, sun cream and a sandy beach may leave you in a bit of a mess. But that’s where this handy little gadget comes in. This phone sanitizer, ideal for cleaning your phone, can also be used on other items such as clothes, knives and forks, watches, and sunglasses. And what’s move, the USB port lets you charge your phone at the same time.

5, PSI Bands // from £28 // where can I get it? ->

If you suffer from travel-sickness then these comfy and adjustable PSI wristbands help to relieve nausea. Using acupressure, they stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. Hopefully, you’ll be able to say goodbye to travel-sickness.

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