Keith Hau's print Nina Somer's print Rowena OReilly 's print
Keith Hau Nina Somers Rowena OReilly - Seaside Seafood


Students studying Fda Illustration at Sussex Coast College Hastings visited The Emma Mason Gallery in Eastbourne as part of a project to develop their professional practice. The gallery specialises in exhibiting prints particularly those produced during the mid-twentieth century. The students were then invited to produce their own print in response to a brief set by Emma Mason and the college. All first year FdA Illustration students together with a second year and Rowena O'Reilly formerly an FdA Illustration student but who has just graduated from the top-up, responded to the theme of 'The Visit'. They submitted their work for review by Emma who selected the work of Nina Somers, Lianne Cheal and Rowena O'Reilly with a commendation going to Keith Hau. The prints will be shown at the gallery over the summer. 

In all of this a very special thanks go to Andrew Moran who initiated and organised the venture and, of course, to Emma for being so generous with her time and support.

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