SCCH Stockbroker

A-Level Economics

Economics is the study of the resources available to us and how and why they are distributed. On this course you will study the idea of markets both in terms of finance and commodities. Lessons will centre around the debate over the consumption of goods and services and the benefits they provide in society.

How will I be assessed?

Through examination (33% multiple choice, 67% data response).

What will I learn?

  • How markets work and the variables that determine market success and failure
  • Government fiscal management
  • Core concepts of inflation, balance of payment and deficit management
  • Economic growth
  • Unemployment
  • Market failure
  • How governments seek to control variables through policy instruments

What are my career opportunities?

  • Financial analyst
  • Economist
  • Stockbroker
  • Business administrator
  • Statistician

Further Study?

Further study at university.

Are there any extra costs?

There maybe additional costs for trips.{wishlist}