SCCH Politician

A-Level Government and Politics

Politics is an essential part of our lives and shapes the way our society operates. Parliament makes laws that influence everything we do, and political ideology and debate is at the heart of this legislative process.

Every major event in history has been influenced by politics, from the Welfare State to the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

How will I be assessed?

By regular examination (essays and data response).

What will I learn?

  • Voting behaviour
  • Electoral systems
  • Ideology and pressure groups
  • Historical events
  • How our political system operates

After studying this course you will be able to debate topics such as the coalition government and its legitimacy in pushing through radical reforms, as well as the quality of democracy that exists in our society.

What are my career opportunities?

  • Lawyer
  • Political journalist
  • Politician
  • Parliamentary assistant

Further Study?

Government & Politics is a highly respected A-Level and is held in high esteem by Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.

Are there any extra costs?

There may be some additional costs, for example, the annual trip to Parliament provided by the department.{wishlist}