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A-Level English Literature

For students who love reading and enjoy exploring texts in depth, this is a golden opportunity to gather with like-minded people to share ideas and interpretations.

The study of A-Level English Literature will equip you with the tools to deepen your understanding and refine your analytical skills through the exploration of a wide range of texts.

How will I be assessed?

Regular assessment and feedback in class and of homework. Coursework counts for 40% of the grade, final exam 60%.

What will I learn?

You will learn about:

  • How the writer uses literary and narrative techniques to construct meaning
  • The importance of form, structure and language as well as points of view, themes and ideas

You will study:

  • Works from different time periods and from contrasting genres
  • Close-reading techniques required for academic research
  • How to construct a written argument
  • Critical approaches to literary texts

What are my career opportunities?

  • Writer
  • Literary agent
  • Publishing publicist
  • Teacher (UK or abroad)
  • Advertising copywriter

Further Study?

Higher Education, then any career requiring good communication skills.

Are there any extra costs?

Educational trips may involve some additional costs. All students are required to provide a dedicated folder for this subject.{wishlist}