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A-Level World Development 

World development is a multidisciplinary branch of social science which places a particular focus on issues related to social and economic development, and its relevance extends to communities and regions outside of the developing world.

Studying development in a world of economic and political globalisation means looking at more than poverty across the globe. You will gain knowledge and understanding of global issues: climate change, migration, gender relations, access to resources, political development, and the international balance of power.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through a combination of written examination at the end of the year and internally assessed (externally moderated) portfolio analysis in year 1.

In year 2, you will be assessed through written examination and the submission of an internally assessed (externally moderated) written report.

What will I learn?

The key themes of the course are:

  • Engage with and evaluate current critical debates
  • Study across several disciplines, including economics, human geography, politics and international relations

What are my career opportunities?

  • Civil service
  • Charities and other not for profit organisations with an international focus
  • Development roles within international institutions such as the EU and UN
  • Local government
  • Global financial services

Further Study?

At degree level:

  • International Relations
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Global development

Are there any extra costs?

Suggest £50 for purchase of additional books, materials and potential visits to external organisations.  {wishlist}