SCCH Teacher

A-Level Philosophy

This course focuses on the deeper questions of human existence. As a learner on this programme you will focus on questions such as "How do we know that God exists?" and "Are the mind and body separate?" Specifically, the focus of the AS Level is to develop a sound understanding of the way human beings perceive the reality around them.

At A2 the focus moves onto the philosophy of ethics, with the attention primarily on philosophers such as Kant, Mill and Bentham. The A2 is more conceptual than the AS and enables learners to start to develop an understanding of the way we think as individuals within a framework.

Towards the end of the A2 course learners will start to question the way we behave as individuals, with a strong focus on deconstructing logic and knowledge (ways of knowing).

The programme is taught over three lessons a week for the entirety of the academic year, and is highly sought after by elite Higher Education institutions as one of the most challenging A-Levels that a learner could undertake.

How will I be assessed?

100% examination.

What will I learn?

As a student of Philosophy you will gain an insight into:

  • The human condition and how we perceive the world around us
  • Religion and the role that it plays in our society
  • Critical perspectives on commonly held assumptions in our society
  • Enlightenment thinking and how philosophers of the enlightenment period broke down the barriers of medieval society

What are my career opportunities?

Given the highly analytical nature of Philosophy it lends itself to a number or career paths:

  • Education careers, primarily in Higher Education as an academic or as a lecturer at A-Level
  • Journalism
  • Politics
  • Analytical work in financial markets
  • Politics at a local or national level

Further Study?

A well respected A-Level, Philosophy is highly regarded by Russell Group universities.