SCCH Athletics-Coach

A-Level Physical Education

For a vast majority of the British population, sport is an integral part of their lives. Whether this be attending the gym, or partaking in amateur club sports team at the weekend. This A-Level enables learners to pursue the study of sport to an advanced level.

60% of the A-Level is of a theoretical nature, with 40% having a practical element. The practical element requires learners to analyse their performance in two selected sports, and then evaluate how they could improve their performance through a theoretical intervention. The theoretical element of the course focuses on biomechanics, diet and nutrition, physiology and sports psychology.

The course is taught over three lessons a week for the entirety of the academic year. The provision is split between SCCH (theoretical elements), our fantastic on-site Plaza gym (fitness elements), and Horntye Park Sports Complex (practical sessions).

How will I be assessed?

  • 60% Theory
  • 40% practical

What will I learn?

As a student of Physical Education you will gain an insight into:

  • Sports psychology
  • Biomechanics and how this impacts on human performance
  • Training methods and techniques to improve human performance in sport
  • Training to develop your own sporting talents through the practical element of the course

What are my career opportunities?

Physical Education prepares learners for Higher Education degrees in Sport and Exercise science that can lead onto to the following careers:

  • Working in analytics for professional sports clubs
  • Sports medicine
  • Gym instructor
  • Teaching

Further Study?

A-Level Physical Education provides access to a wide range of university courses, both within and outside the science curriculum.

Are there any extra costs?

There may be costs associated with equipment or educational visits.