What’s in it for me?

If you have a job, you will be able to earn money while learning your chosen trade by coming into college one day a week. On some courses attendance at college is not required.

What will it cost me?

If you are 16 -18 it will cost you and your employer nothing.

Do I need special skills to be an Apprentice?

No, just commitment. Good results in your GCSEs (especially Maths and English) will help you get onto the course you want and could reduce some of the qualifications you may have to take as an Apprentice. Please remember - you must be employed in a chosen career to do an Apprenticeship, otherwise consider a PLA (Programme-led Apprenticeship)

What does an Apprenticeship involve?

A ‘Framework’ makes up an Apprenticeship - this includes:

  • A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)
  • Technical Certificate
  • Key Skills (Maths & English)
  • Employer's rights and responsibilities (ERR)

(this may vary according to the course you have chosen)

What Apprenticeships are available?

Accounts, Childcare, Engineering, Plumbing, Bricklaying, Customer Service, Hair, Retail, Business, Administration, Catering, Health & Social Care, Sport, Beauty, Creative, ICT, Vehicle Maintenance, Carpentry, Electrical Installation and Painting & Decorating.

Programme-led Apprenticeship

If you are not currently employed, but want to do an Apprenticeship then this may be the route for you.

What is Programme-led?

With Programme-led, you will attend college at least 3 days a week to gain valuable experience in your chosen field through a structured programme of theory and practical training.

Why is this different to a full-time course?

As well as your full-time course, you will attend workshops and events to give you guidance on achieving employment in your chosen field.

These workshops include: CV Writing, Interview Techniques, Letter Writing, Time Management, IT Skills and more.

Will I be working with employers?

We aim to find you a suitable placement, at least one day a week, to give you hands on experience.

How old do I have to be?

The scheme is a full-time course and available for anyone aged 16 -18 years.

What qualification will I gain from being on this course?

  • A Technical Certificate (This shows you have a broad understanding of the theories and information relevant to your area of work).
  • Key Skills in Application of Number & Communication at Level 1 or 2 depending on the course you are on. (These are based on the national standards and will show your employer you have achieved an acceptable level in areas such as English and Maths).
  • Employers Rights and Responsibilities (This will help you to understand your role within the workplace and your rights as an employee).

What happens if I find employment before the end of the course?

We will be able to transfer you over to our Apprenticeship programme.

On which courses are Programme-led Apprenticeships available?

The following courses are available on the scheme:
Carpentry, Mechanical Engineering, Trowel, Catering, Painting & Decorating, Childcare and Plumbing.

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