Everyone deserves a great future and finances should never be an obstacle to going to college.

Depending on your circumstances and household income, you may qualify for financial assistance, including a bursary or even free public transport to get you to college.

If you are thinking about joining us here at Sussex Coast College, but you think finances might be a cause for concern, just give us a ring. Our well-informed and friendly staff will advise you about the support which might be available in your particular case and what you need to do next.

Remember though that, whether or not financial support is available, becoming a student at Sussex Coast College is, in itself, an investment in your future. We’re here to help you into the career you really want.
If you are 16-18 years old, your tuition is free and you will be undertaking vocational or academic study which could greatly increase your earning power. In fact, if you opt for an Apprenticeship programme, you will earn as you learn right from the start.
You may, of course, choose to enter the workplace after completing a full-time course – or continue with further study - including higher education.

Just give the college a call and ask for Student Central – on 01424 442222. We look forward to hearing from you.


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