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Everyone who works and studies at ESC has agreed to respect each other and their environment. Students and staff are expected to embody the college values: Respect, Teamwork and Achievement.

By respecting each other, as well as college buildings and equipment and by working together, we can all achieve our goals.

Thank you for choosing to study at East Sussex College Hastings

Jim Sharpe, Principal

The Contract

Students and Staff are expected to:

  • Eat and drink within designated areas only
  • Refrain from chewing gum
  • Smoke only outside the blue lines outside the college buildings
  • Leave the College clean and tidy
  • Use non-abusive and non-offensive language
  • Dress appropriately
  • Follow the Health and Safety Policy
  • Wear their ID card at all times whilst on campus
  • Attend on time and contribute positively
  • Work hard and meet deadlines
  • Inform the college promptly if they are unable to attend
  • Comply with the licensing and copyright rules required by the college Learning Resource Centre in relation to resources
  • Use mobile phones with consideration and switch them off around learning areas
  • Adhere to the IT users policy
  • Check their college email regularly for announcements and use it for any communication with college staff

In addition students are expected to:

  • Carry out reasonable instructions given by college staff
  • Give names politely when asked by college staff

The college is expected to provide:

  • Learning and support, planned to meet your needs
  • Prompt and constructive feedback
  • Encouragement and help to achieve your qualification(s)
  • Advice and guidance with progression planning
  • Assurance that your complaints and concerns will be dealt with fairly
  • Praise and recognition for your efforts
  • A safe and secure learning environment

Coast Coffee:

  • NEW! Jaffa cake and Ferrero Rocher Milkshake flavours! Subject to availability.
  • Don’t forget about our Coffee coolers and Iced Lattes! They’re available all year round!
  • A big congratulations to the Coast Coffee team! Once gain another successful audit.

Station Plaza Fitness

  • Free Body Composition Analysis
  • Corporate Memberships: Join with a group of 3 or more colleagues and save 20% per month!


  • NEW SUBS! Head down and check out what’s in store! Or keep an eye out for posters.
  • Coffee & Cookie for only £1.50!
  • Evening special! Footlong Sub, 16oz dispensed drink & cookie or crisps for £4.50 between 5-8pm!

Plaza Art Supplies

  • Exhibition running from 14/04/15 – 04/05/15 featuring work from 5 Hastings College tutors.

Our two sites at Station Plaza and Ore Valley are packed full of brand new facilities and technology to make your time at college straight-forward, enjoyable and successful. Have a look around and get familiar with your surroundings.

'Supporting Students is as important to us as helping them learn'

At East Sussex College, we offer a range of services to make your journey through college and beyond as straightforward, rewarding and successful as possible. We also strive to create an environment where everyone is equal, safe and listened to:

This section is where you'll find information about our services to students, including:

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